No Mobile Friendly Site? Google Says… Sorry Charlie

No Mobile Friendly Site? Google Says… Sorry Charlie posted an article today thanking the Google overlords for penalizing you for not having a mobile friendly website. Hmm… does this mean you will penalized for not immediately re-doing your site in a mobile friendly, responsive way?  We shall see…  My personal opinion on this subject is that while some sites may be penalized(…)

Ebay Buys Megento… Good or Bad?

Ebay Buys Megento… Good or Bad?

My initial reaction was UGH, NO NOT EBAY! – After some reading not I am not intirely sure yet, but I will be keeping my eyes peeled for any “funny” business that Ebay adds to Megento.

It’s Tricky: Putting a Facebook “Fan/Like” Box on Your Site…

Want to know how to get one of those cool Facebook “fan” (now “like”) boxes on your website? We recently took the time to add one to a customers site and thought we would share how to do it…

Sweet! – Photoshop CS5 Content Aware Fill

For anyone that has ever used Adobe Photoshop for anything from fixing photos to mocking up a web-page, you know it can be time consuming to get what the look you want. Adobe has come up with a new fill tool that will amaze you no matter what your experience is, this tool alone is worth the upgrade to CS5 in the coming months.

Video: Getting people to link to your site

“Link Juice” – What is it?

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